Poster Session Details

Poster presentations will begin at 12:00PM and last until 1:30PM on Saturday. During this time, poster judges will be evaluating work as well. We will be able to provide all registered poster presenters a tabletop stand, foam board, and thumbtacks (if necessary). Posters should be setup between 8:00AM and 9:00AM on Saturday.

William Anastasiadis

Baldwin Wallace University

Reduction in Perceived Gender Stratification is Correlated with and Subsequently Predicts Psychological Well-Being in Post-Secondary Males

The transition from traditional sexism to modern sexism in our contemporary society has transformed how people in the United States perceive gender roles, and may pose difficult to male students. Data suggest that modern perceived gender equality predicts total psychological well-being in male, but not female, students.

Alyssa Larsen

Ball State University

The Problem of Marriage: Must Women Find a Mr. Darcy?

This research evaluates why women throughout history and to the present day have found it necessary to get married. Using Bridget Jones’s Diary and Pride and Prejudice as case studies, this poster demonstrates the constant societal pressures that make women feel the need to “put a ring on it”.

Kristina Rouech

Central Michigan University

Developing Excellent Educators with Diverse Group Observations

In an effort to pursue excellence in teacher education, honors students participated in a unique experience that included group observations in diverse classroom settings to affirm or negate their desire to pursue teaching. This poster displays the positive and negative perceptions of this venture from the professor and student viewpoints.

Meghan Pendleton

Eastern Michigan University

Molecular Hydrogen: The Potential for a New Medicine

Molecular hydrogen therapy is a new innovation for diseases associated with oxidative stress. Hydrogen has an antioxidant-like effect because it selectively scavenges for harmful radicals, and triggers the action of antioxidant enzymes and protective proteins. This literature review explores the clinical significance of molecular hydrogen therapy in current research.

Mary Levengood

Eastern Michigan University

Impact of Sustainable Design Elements on Student Learning

This study explores building design elements that are not only beneficial to the well being of the environment but that can also improve students' academic performance. The findings of the research are applied to a case study of Bush Elementary School located in Essexville, Michigan.

Carson Zois

Eastern Michigan University

Expression, Purification and Initial Characterization of the Coiled-Coil 2-3 Region of Atg11, a Central Organizer of Selective Autophagy Initiation

Autophagy is physiological process for the destruction of internal cell components to promote cell survival. This process allows the cell to maintain homeostasis during times of starvation, recycle damaged cellular components and helps protect against disease. One of the most understudied proteins in autophagy is Atg11. Atg11 has been shown to interact with a number of other autophagy proteins and is therefore thought to be a central organizer of the autophagy. However, it is not known if Atg11 organizes its binding partners spatially, or temporally. We have expressed and purified our target region of Atg11 and begun to investigate its interactive behavior.

Katherine Inman

Eastern Michigan University

Interactions between parent distress and child catastrophizing in predicting functional disability in chronic pain

Interactions between child and parent psychological functioning have been shown to predict functional disability (FD) in chronic pain populations. Studies show child coping strategies influence parental responses, which in turn predict FD. This study examines the impact of parent distress on FD and tests whether child coping moderates this association.

Madison Trace

Eastern Michigan University

Self-Control Mediates Impact of Past Trauma on Teen Dating Violence Perpetration

The present study utilized survey data collected by the CDC to explore whether self-control is a mediator between past trauma and teen dating violence perpetration. Correlations and a multiple regression analysis were conducted to understand the relationship between these variables. The results and conclusions regarding their interpretation will be presented.

Brent Duddles

Eastern Michigan University

Paleoenvironmental Changes in the Western North Atlantic Between 340,000-380,000 Years Ago

Benthic foraminifer assemblages were investigated in 7 sediment samples from the western North Atlantic during a time known as Marine Isotope Stage 10 (340,000-380,000 years ago). The results document changes in organic carbon fluxes to the seafloor, probably due to changes in the flow of the Gulf Stream.

Kaylee Brown

Eastern Michigan University

Changing Perceptions of Loss: The Influence of Generation Effects and Message Framing

This study examined how loss can be experienced differently based on generation and the way a message is framed. Participants (faculty or students) read a mock article that framed loss experiences, then participants reflected on their experiences. Results of this survey have clinical implications because professionals may impact clients’ perceptions.

Sarah Bruckler

Eastern Michigan University

A Possible Case of Poliomyelitis: A Bioarchaeological Differential Diagnosis

The objective of this study was to determine the cause of pathology observed in the lower limbs of a female skeleton excavated from a 7th - 11th century cemetery in France. While further testing is required for certain diagnosis, this study suggests poliomyelitis was the likeliest cause of the observed pathology.

Tasnia Chowdhury

Eastern Michigan University

A Simple Method for the Rapid Induction of Salt Appetite in Mice.

Methods for inducing salt appetite in lab rodents can get quite invasive. In seeking for a less-invasive alternative, we chose amiloride to induce a robust salt appetite within 36 hours, regardless of the animals' solid diet. All data were collected in a custom apparatus that agrees with data collected via commercial lickometers.

Alexis Marsh

Eastern Michigan University

Novel Chalcone Derivatives as Anticancer Agents through Glutathione S-transferase Inhibition

The enzyme Glutathione S-transferase (GST) is important for cancer to progress as it allows cells to rapidly divide, and additionally, it deactivates chemotherapeutics. Chalcones have an α,β-unsaturated system that is capable of deactivating GST. Our goal is to increase this reactivity through coupling an amine with several chalcone derivatives.

Leah VanLandingham

Eastern Michigan University

Fostering Development towards Sustainability at Eastern Michigan University

This project is an ongoing and successful, student led, collaborative effort by university faculty, administration, and students to meaningfully incorporate interdisciplinary sustainability as a practiced core value in Eastern Michigan University’s internal and external operations by utilizing leadership models and focusing on environmental responsibility and social equity.

Alexandra Way

Eastern Michigan University

Puppy Mills v. The Animal Welfare Act

The breeding of dogs began as a cash crop. Now there is an estimated 5,000 licensed puppy mills currently breeding and selling animals commercially in the U.S. My presentation will explore the main reasons puppy mills do meet the AWA criteria; examining loopholes, inspections, puppy brokers and money expenditures.

Cassidy Whitehead

Indiana University East

Local Eating: a Local Solution to a Global Problem

Climate change has been a subject of much debate in the past century, with many refusing to believe that this crisis is man made, and that the climate of the Earth is changing drastically. The collision between human civilization and the planet's fragile ecosystem is to blame for this crisis, and must be remedied if further deterioration is to be ceased. Humans pollute the atmosphere with unnecessary pollutants by installing coal plants, transporting goods cross-country, and by ultimately being selfish in their day-to-day actions that have a large impact on the environment. Especially in our daily eating, humans leave a massive carbon footprint. In focusing on transportation of food and how eating locally sourced goods can cut down on CO2 emissions, I have performed an experiment to see how much CO2 can be saved from making the most minute of changes in diet. This experiment enlightened me in that I now know that finding locally sourced food can be difficult at first in terms of changing habits; however, it is worth the hassle once you tabulate how much CO2 you have saved from being put in the environment. It seems that small changes truly can have a large impact!

Kinzie Williams

Indiana University East

How Methane Emissions on Landfills contribute to Climate Change

Climate change is a continuous rise in earth's temperature. Landfills are the largest human-related sources of methane, one of the greenhouse gases in the United States, accounting for 34% of all methane emissions (Figueroa, V.K., Mackie,K.R., Guarriello, N., & Cooper, C.D.(2009)). My question was what could be an easy and affordable way for global citizens to help combat climate change? My mind went immediately to composting and recycling. By composting and recycling products we would be lessening the amount of gases being produced by landfills because less waste leads to littler amounts of product going into landfills and less gases will be produced!

Becky Smith

Indiana University East

Animal Justice

Dog fighting is one of the most heinous forms of animal cruelty. There are several reasons why people lean toward dog fighting, but the most prominent and obvious reason is gluttony. According to ASPCA it is typical for a single fight to exchange hands in the amounts ranging from $20,000 to $30,000, and major raids ensued seizing over $500,000. Individuals also perceive dog fighting as an extension of themselves. These individuals view it as a way of showing off their strengths and competency, and making these poor innocent animals fight their battles for them instead of doing it on their own. One breed of canine in particular is popular amongst competitors, the American Pit Bull Terrier. I propose that we reassess laws which include dog fighting, American Pit Bull Terriers, and animal cruelty in general, and create new laws for each of these subjects as necessary. We need to join forces to help protect and guide these sweet and innocent creatures so that they too may have a loving, extraordinary, and care-free life.

Rowen Perkins

Indiana University East

Landfill Inefficiency and the Environmental Benefits of Recycling

One fourth of the United States methane emissions come from landfills, including inactive ones (Kulpinski). Not only does our waste take up a large amount of space, produce greenhouse gases, and leak dangerous substances into natural waterways, the constant and unnecessary creation of trash uses up valuable resources. The main way the adverse effects of bloated human consumption can be lessened is through recycling, which is the process of turning waste into new products that can be used again instead of adding to underground mountains of garbage and depleting resources. I kept track of my recycling for two weeks. The recycling program in my town collects glass, aluminum, and some types of plastic, but not paper. I recorded how many types of recyclable materials I used, focusing on paper and cardboard as well. At the end of the two weeks, I took my paper waste to my town’s recycling center to have it recycled. I created this experiment to calculate approximately how many recyclable materials are used in my town, using myself and my family as models, and to see how accessible recycling paper waste is in my area. Recycling should be made a normal part of waste management in all communities in order to save space in landfills, reduce the amount of emissions and leachate they produce, and save valuable resources from being needlessly used.

Maggie Davis

Indiana University East

Many people do not realize that there are thousands of rabbits in testing laboratories and animal shelters/rescues. Life for the rabbits in the testing laboratories is cruel and painful. Many rabbits die during the testing procedure or are euthanized after a testing procedure is completed. Rabbits do not have a voice, so they suffer in silence. We need to be their voice and demand for testing on rabbits to be terminated permanently in the United States

Austin Barancin

Indiana University East

A Comparison of Computational Techniques within TDDFT Basis Sets Using Conjugated Bonding in Cyanine Dyes

Computational chemistry methods can be used to analyze and make predictions about certain aspects of a molecule. By experimentally determining the wavelengths of three different cyanine dyes, the accuracy of TD-DFT was analyzed with regards to basis set and functional. By changing the Gaussian basis set from 3-21G* to 6-31G* using density functional theory (DFT) the overall number of Gaussian calculations increases, thus increasing the overall numerical value used to make a prediction about the value of the wavelength and increasing accuracy.

Abigail Dester

Indiana University Southeast

Math Anxiety and Its Academic Effects on Elementary School Children

Math anxiety is defined as a negative reaction to a math task perceived as self-threatening. High math anxiety often leads to poor performance, which can hurt children’s chances of future success in math. This project explores math anxiety, its causes, and methods of mitigating its effects.

Stephanie Henderson

Indiana University Southeast

The War Torn Mind

Over 300,000 combat soldiers have been diagnosed with PTSD, yet few resources are available to aid soldiers transitioning to civilian life. This research will raise awareness and help implement a program for veterans to lessen the effects of PTSD upon returning home from combat.

Katelyn Ragsdale

Indiana University Southeast

Addressing Acts of Terrorism within the Marvel Universe

Marvel Comics depict historical and current acts of terror, destruction, and conflict in a more palatable manner through real-life parallels within their story lines by placing these conflicts within a fantasy world in which such heroes as Captain America, the Winter Soldier, and Iron Man serve as proxies for readers.

Frederick Matthes

Indiana University- Kokomo

Criticism of Hypothetical Effeciency

The Efficient Market Hypothesis utilizes two foundational assumptions: The price of a security equals its intrinsic value & Investors incorporate information uniformly. Behavioral Finance examines investor bias within data processing and arbitrage opportunity limits. This presentation focused on recognition of these biases and avoidance of trend based arbitrary rules.

Brenna Erzen

Saint Francis University

Living the Life of a Princess: A Reflection of Women in Society

Disney-animated fairytale films have been criticized for lagging behind social trends in gender equality and female empowerment. As this presentation demonstrates, this lag reflects an adherence to a financially successful formula that the studio is gradually abandoning, though it must do more to represent women as strong and independent heroines.

Kallen Schwark

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Analyzing transcription factor activity of single cell populations using TRACER

Transcription factors are used to analyze cell-cell heterogeneity because they regulate cellular behavior. TRACER quantifies activity in response to environmental cues by separating cell populations. This project used nanoluciferase (Nluc) expression and luminescence from its reaction with d-luciferin and coupled fluorescent proteins for population level measurements.

Kaylynn Bell

University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College

Shout Praise Not Criticism: Negative Coaching Impacts Performance

This poster demonstrates that negative coaching feedback causes performance decreases in those who have lower self-confidence more than those with high-self confidence through research collected from a study performed through the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College intercollegiate athletic teams.

Madeline Smith

Western Michigan University

Identification of Masseter Muscle Activity during Chewing through an Automated Algorithm

This study describes a custom-written computer algorithm for automated identification of the onset and offset of masseter muscle activity during bite-chew sequences. Data from healthy volunteers evaluates algorithm performance. This method will be used to examine relations between mastication and middle ear muscle responses.