Oral Sessions

Conference sessions have three or four persons scheduled per 50-minutes. Each presenter should expect to have ten minutes to present, and questions and answers will occur in the final ten minutes after all presentations have been delivered.


Roundtables are topics of interest in which participants can engage in discussions about topics for the honors community. These are full 50-minutes sessions.

Sill 207B

Science Writers: Bridging the Gap
Elizabeth Miller
Indiana University East

A Scaffolded Approach to Publishing and Honors Thesis in Biology
Aaron Liepman and Kirsti Judd
Eastern Michigan University

The Ethics of Storytelling in Creative Nonfiction
Annie Livingston
Grand Valley State University

Developing Brainchild from Opposing Aesthetics
Joseph Langan, Kelsey Williams, and Melanie Sugalski
Kent State University

Sill 138

Mental Health: Breaking the Stigma
Kaitlin Brown
Delta College

Adolescent Suicide Prevention
Sunshine Griffin
Owens Community College

Self-Injury: A Student's Perspective
Hannah Randall
Indiana University Kokomo

Foster Care: One Family's Story
Tresera Rhoton
University of Rio Grande

Sill 141

Dangerous Ingredients in Cosmetics
Ryan Husted
Indiana University East

Can our Oceans be Saved from Environmental Ruin?
Umer Kahn
Indiana University East

The Course of Cardiomyopathy
Cassy Goodridge
Indiana University Southeast

Creating Thermally-Sensitive End Caps
Rose Fayoumi, Sarah Nasri, and Dr. Trant
University of Windsor

Sill 207

The Impact of Interest Groups on the Polarization of the United States Congress
Hope Alexander
Indiana University East

Donald Trump and Symbolic Convergence Theory
Caitlyn Laughner
Indiana University Kokomo

Social Media and the Rise of "Fake News"
Kyle Denney
Ferris State University

The Problem of Diversity
Kerstin Vaughn and Sophie Ramsey
University of Mount Union

Sill 204C


Experiences of African-American Students in the Honors College
Deborah Harmon, Brandie Bentley, and Morgan Moss
Eastern Michigan University