Oral Sessions

Conference sessions have three or four persons scheduled per 50-minutes. Each presenter should expect to have ten minutes to present, and questions and answers will occur in the final ten minutes after all presentations have been delivered.


Roundtables are topics of interest in which participants can engage in discussions about topics for the honors community. These are full 50-minutes sessions.

Sill 207B

Accounting for Demographics
Rebecca Cooper
University of Mount Union

Marketing to Millenials
Taylor Dittfield
Indiana University Kokomo

Conflicting Values of Private Sector Employees Transitioning to the Public Sphere
Cassandra Northrup
Wayne State University

Behind the Scenes: How Television is Made
Michael Hermann
Ferris State University

Sill 138

Self-Reflected Pushing and Pulling Forces in Response to Emotional Images
Cassidy Clouse
Indiana University East

Dreams Function to Influence Waking Perception
Jordan Eastridge
Indiana University Southeast

Crossing the River Stigma: Appalachia's Opioid Epidemic
Matt Blair
University of Rio Grande

Sill 207

Black Honors Student Experience at a Predominately White Insitution
Brandie Bentley
Eastern Michigan University

Fostering Inclusion Through Communication
Mona Beydoun, Jovel Perez, and Janine Driver
Eastern Michigan University

Fostering Community in an Honors Student Fellow Program
Lauren Renou, Grayson Sturgis, and Hallie Barkume
Eastern Michigan University

Honors: Intervention with Heart
Molly Duggan
Eastern Michigan University

Sill 141

The Effect of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) on Bone Mineral Density of the Skeleton
Sarah Bruckler
Eastern Michigan University

A Bio-archaeological Study of the Ancient Mayan Site
Seth Winstead
Indiana University East

Exercise-trained and Long-lived Drosophila Activate Similar Genetic Programs
Maryam Safdar
Wayne State University

The Effects of Dicrotophos on Drosophila Melanogaster
Trevor Boram
Indiana University East

Sill 204C

Building a Better University, 2017
Brooke Powell, Abbey Schlanz, Ashley Guilbert, Alexa Goffos
University of Mount Union

Pursuing Excellence in Study Abroad: The Honors Freshmen in Florence Program
Aaron Hanlin, Ginger Stanciel, Amber Haynes, and Jozy Lopaze
Kent State University