Oral Sessions

Conference sessions have three or four persons scheduled per 50-minutes. Each presenter should expect to have ten minutes to present, and questions and answers will occur in the final ten minutes after all presentations have been delivered.


Roundtables are topics of interest in which participants can engage in discussions about topics for the honors community. These are full 50-minutes sessions.

Sill 207B

Water Resource Management in Peru and the Importance of Culture and Perspective in Solving Environmental Crises
Leah VanLandingham
Eastern Michigan University

Duty of Transnational Oil Corporations in Relation to Harm Caused in Countries of Operations
Ismall Idowu Salih
University of Windsor

A Critique of International Healthcare Policy in Reference to Tanzanian National HIV/AIDS Policy
Marvi Chaudhry
Wayne State University

Enhance Immune-Related Protein in the Hemolymph of Offspring of Manduca Sexta Mothers Subjected to Stress
Bruck Gezahegn
Baldwin Wallace University

Sill 138

The Effects of Plastic Bags in the Environment
Mariah Kagels
Indiana University East

Destruction: One Coffee Pod at a Time
Alexis Dehart
Indiana University East

Paper and Climate Change
Taryn Husted
Indiana University East

How Vegetarian Diet Effects Climate Change
Carolyn Johnson
Indiana University East

Sill 207

The Benefits of Having a Pet's Companionship
Jessica Lemar
Indiana University East

Antibiotic Resistance and the Veterinary Feed Directive
Luke Metzger
Indiana University East

Therapeutic Benefits of Certified Canines for Veterans with War-Related Trauma Disorders
Erin Caspers
Western Michigan University

Zoo Life: A Look into the Conservation Efforts of Zoos
Kaylee Cox
Indiana University East

Sill 141

African Americans at War
Taylor Webster
Indiana University East

Finding Ferguson: One Confederate Soldier's Atonement for the Sins of the South
Laura Schook
Indiana University Southeast

Weapons of War
Ryan Steffen
Indiana University East

Exploring Forgotten History to Imagine a Better Future
Samuel Crippen
Indiana University Kokomo

Sill 204C


Inspiring and Supporting Oustanding Undergraduate Research Projects
Suzanne Gray
Eastern Michigan University