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Reverent or Rude?: The Architecture and Intention of the Vietnam War Memorial

Breanna Nowak

There was plenty of controversy surrounding the Vietnam War and the building of the Vietnam War Memorial was no different. Although there are plenty of criticisms surrounding the Vietnam War Memorial, the monument designer, Maya Lin, intended to honor Vietnam soldiers and did so successfully through her unique and emotionally powerful design.

Music of the Vietnam War

James Gregory, Indiana University East

During the Vietnam War, 1968-1973 Americans became motivated by an endearment to peace and protest with music leading the way.   My presentation will cover the influx of new and innovative music that became popularized due to the war.

202 WZ

Building a Community: The Honors College at Eastern Michigan University

Kaylee Brown, Lauren Renou & Janine Driver, Eastern Michigan University

The students of Eastern Michigan University’s Honors College work toward the goal of building deep rooted relationships within the Honors community through the planning and execution of academic, service, and social events. With a focus on building character, belonging, and uniting passions at events, within teams, and at personal levels, the Honors College believes that it will develop a group of students motivated to succeed in each aspect of their life, and become a more engaged member of the communities in which they belong to.

Lee Honors College: Study in the States

Erin Caspers, Western Michigan University

This presentation details a unique opportunity that the Lee Honors College offers to students. Study in the States provides students with an educational experience that takes place outside of the classroom. Instructors and students travel across the United States to learn about historical figures, exploding businesses, and other significant interests.

209 WZ

How Does Private Campaign Funding Influence U.S. Politics?

Mark Jallayu, Indiana University Southeast

This project examines the influence of private money in US politics. The author examines the culture created by private money, emphasizing citizens’ views and the correlation between campaign funding and the votes of individual politicians.

Campaign Tracking Project: Bernie Sanders

Hope Alexander, Indiana University East

Bernie Sanders, above all else, stands as an economically liberal candidate. Sanders wishes to improve the life of working class American citizens by ending big-business politics, providing a free college education to every student, reducing the cost of student loans, and raising the minimum wage nationally.

212 WZ

Essential Oils

Elizabeth Miller, Indiana University East

My presentation touches on the different medical uses for essential oils, while examining whether or not select essential oils possess strong enough antibacterial and anti-fungal properties to fight off pathogenic bacteria.

Vaccines: The Natural Solution

Melissa Buenconsejo, University of Saint Francis

Audience members will learn about vaccines in regards to: their importance, separating fact and fiction, why some diseases do not have vaccines, and how to take the needed precautions to protect themselves against these diseases.

Skeletal Analysis in Forensics

Seth Winstead, Indiana University East

This presentation will examine  a method used by forensic anthropologists during an investigation known as saw mark analysis and will also discuss the methods and importance behind saw mark analysis.

213 WZ

Choice and Event Satisfaction in Elders Living in Residential Care Facilities

Lauren Clark, Grand Valley State University

This research shows the correlation between freedom of choice and rate of satisfaction in elders living in residential care facilities. It also dives deeper into the issue that the lack of control over the resident’s own lives is linked to the high rates of depression seen in these facilities.

Resolving the Orphan Crisis Through Best-Practice Care

Gabrielle Beck, Saint Francis University

Our global community is in the midst of an orphan crisis that can only be solved through the implementation of best-practice orphan care.  This session will cover currents trends in orphan care, best-practice care, and how you can become an advocate for some of our world’s most vulnerable children.

Benefits of Baby-Friendly Hospitals

Danielle Peckinpaugh, Indiana University East

This presentation will detail the importance of certain aspects that “baby friendly hospitals” promote in the mother/baby interaction, as well as attributes of the hospital in general, that help the baby form properly with as few complications as possible.