The form below may be used to submit a conference proposal for the 2018 annual conference of the Mid-East Honors Association.

Honors students attending MEHA represent a variety of academic disciplines. Some are passionate about science; others are passionate about art. Some come from private institutions; others come from public institutions. So each year we have a conference filled with backgrounds, interests, talents, and expertise that varies more than one institution alone ever would.

This year’s conference is designed to bring participants together in a meaningful way to find our futures. As such, we invite ambitious and forward thinking proposals. The Mid-East Honors Association values exemplary and distinguished performance by all participants in the areas of teaching, learning, scholarship, leadership, and service.

Thus, the committee seeks proposals that demonstrate excellence in research, honors pedagogy, unique learning approaches, and more. Submissions are welcome from students, faculty, and staff in all disciplines and can include oral presentations or poster presentations. Poster presentations and paper submissions in association with an oral presentation will be awarded a prize.

The proposal deadline has been extended to midnight on March 1, 2018. For those who wish to be considered in the paper competition, your paper must be submitted by March 2, 2018 to

Proposal Submission Form

Note: all presenters must still complete their conference registration as well. Please visit our registration page to register for the conference. We will consider proposal submissions prior to presenters' conference registration, but will expect all accepted presenters to register prior to the conference.

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If you have any additional details including special instructions or requests for your presentation, please indicate that information in this area. The conference committee will strive to do its best to accommodate special requests.